Mary Helen and Elly

Exciting News!

              A year ago, our Executive Director approached Mary Helen Immordino-Yang - neuroscientist, author and tenured professor at the University of Southern California's Rossier School of Education - asking if she would partner with Sages & Seekers on a study of the benefits of our signature 8-Week Program on both the teens and the older adults. Mary Helen enthusiastically agreed and one week later she and Elly applied for a coveted research grant from the National Endowment for the Arts; and in May of this year, were awarded the grant and began preparing for our year long study! 

             A top name in education,
Mary Helencoined the phrase: “we feel, therefore we learn.”  As current president of the International Mind, Brain and Education Society, she was one of 13 thought leaders to speak at the White House in February.

             Mary Helen immediately grasped the value of the Sages’ face-to-face storytelling on the Seekers’ capacity to learn and empathize, and she is excited to measure and evaluate those effects. Her research with Sages & Seekers will validate our 8-Week Program as "evidence based" - the gold standard for program- ming. Not only will this help us to spread the program across the country, this will also finally allow S&S to offer clinical data to foundations when applying for funding. 

​             We are now raising funds to cover Sages & Seekers' expenses that will not be included in the NEA Grant. Please consider a gift to our year-long program by clicking on the button above.


Erik, Faye, Elly, Rodrigo

Rodrigo and Faye