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Due to the pandemic and the resulting social isolation of both our teens and Seniors, we decided to move our programming online utilizing ZOOM to bring these generations together. While we prefer a face-to-face encounter, we are happy to say that our online programs have allowed us to connect participants from all over the country.

​This is a 60-minute program, with 45 minutes of one-on-one time  each of the 4 weeks. The Seekers choose their Sage partner through a "Hi-Five" rotation process the first week.

​Available in June, July and August.

3-Week Online

"Exploring Racism" 

​Born out of the peaceful protests of the tragic death of George Floyd and many other innocent black Americans, we are creating a new program to engage in authentic conversation about racism. As in all our programs, sharing life experiences is the backbone of the impact for our participants. Therefore, the new program will utilize our participants’ individual and unique life experiences to center around discussions of racism and the current protests and racial justice movement.

We are designing this program now and will launch in July 2020. 

4-Week Online Programs

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 4-Week Conversation Programs 

3-Week "Exploring Racism"

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