Retirement Communities

Most retirement communities do not offer intergenerational programming. Our program is a wonderful opportunity to get residents into a young environment infused with energy. This often creates stronger relationships between residents, and offers assisted living residents a rare opportunity to get "off campus" to engage in a meaningful and rewarding activity.

"As an Activity Coordinator, I have always believed that it is important to create meaningful events for seniors and young people. I knew this project would be special because instead of the students coming here, our residents went into a classroom setting at the University of Southern California for eight weeks. Eleven Hollenbeck residents participated. The residents enjoyed and benefited in ways that no other activity could have done for them. They learned that they each have a lot to offer to young people, they felt relevant again. Both Sages and Seekers were affected in very positive ways. The process involved building trust and allowed each Seeker and Sage to just be themselves."

Dennis Hiebert, Hollenbeck Palms

Lifelong Learning Centers

Our program model for Lifelong Learning Centers connected to Universities is not only an opportunity for members to share their lives with a  younger generation, but offers a teaching/ facilitating opportunity for an interested member as well. The program timing corresponds perfectly with the University schedule, and is coordinated with a professor or appropriate class.

COA - Senior Centers

Typically, the local Council on Aging or Senior Center will publicize our program offered at a nearby school. Seniors enroll and are contacted by the school with details. This not only offers local Seniors an opportunity to be with a younger generation, but it fosters relationships among the Seniors in the community.

By 2030,

older adults

will account for

roughly 20%

of the U.S.


Engaging Senior Facility members and residents