Some of our Participating Universities/Colleges

Brandeis University

University of Southern California

Connecticut College​​

Vanderbilt University

University of Dayton

Some of our Participating Schools

Concord Academy - MA

Keefe Technical School - MA

​Lake Champlain Waldorf School - VT

Noble & Greenough - MA

​Spring Grove High School - PA

The Rivers School - MA​ 


​Fairfax High School - CA

​Larchmont Charter School - CA


Colleges and Universities have utilized Sages & Seekers as a part of the class curriculum, as well as a 2 credit adjunct. This type of experiential learning can profoundly enhance a student's understanding of a related subject from gerontology to humanities. Experiential Learning is gaining a strong presence in schools across the country.

High School

Most High Schools incorporate our programs into their English curriculum, but it has also been an integral part of Oral History, Humanities, and Writing classes, as well as for after school Service Learning and community service credit. 

Sages & Seekers in the curriculum or after school