A remarkable bonding results when the Seniors and the students come together and connect on a deeper level. ​​As a result of this program, misunderstandings and stereotypes about seniors and teenagers are erased, and a greater understanding of each generation is achieved. Participants discover that despite technological, environmental, and social differences, the human experience remains consistent.  All participants come to realize that they have far more in common than they may have previously thought, promoting the development of compassion and empathy, while diminishing ageism.

​​​​​Sages & Seekers offers intergenerational collaboration between senior citizens, the Sages, and students, the Seekers.  During this eight-week program, the exchange between the Sage and the Seeker offers the Sage an opportunity to share life experiences with an interested listener, engaging them in both Life Review and Generativity. The Seeker is challenged to develop listening, interviewing, writing and public speaking skills, resulting in the development of empathy as well. Each week different activities foster open communication and create forums in which to discuss life and discover commonalities between generations.