Our People

​​​​​Since 2009, Sages & Seekers has had many committed citizens donate their time and energy to our mission, in hopes of strengthening their community. We honor these volunteers for their vision of a society connected on a deeper level through communication.

Elly Katz is the Founder and Executive Director of Sages & Seekers. She gave up her career as a graphic designer to make an attempt at diminishing ageism. She spent countless hours speaking with Senior Center Activity Directors, professors of Gerontology and Educators, to ultimately design a meaningful and profound program. Elly has presented at the MCOA, SCAAP and American Society on Aging conferences, speaking about the need for older adults to connect to a younger generation.

Loni Brown, our Sage Liaison, brings enthusiasm, wisdom, knowledge and experience from many years in a business environment. After participating in the first Sages & Seekers program at Pasadena Senior Center in 2017, she continues to recruit Sages, sharing her heart-felt stories and personal experiences of our program. Loni obtained an AS Degree in horticultural science, and an AA degree in Business. After teaching high school kids gardening, Loni  realized there is an enormous need for teenagers to be actively listened to, contributing to her commitment to S&S. 

Patti Catullo is our lead Online Program Facilitator. With a background in coaching people in well-being, Patti has been all over the world studying human behavior. She brings a deep understanding of humanity to our programs, connecting our participants with humor and empathy. Patti lives on the East Coast, enabling our programs to reach across the Atlantic to enroll participants.

Chuck Wade became involved with Sages & Seekers after enrolling in his first program in Weston, MA. Retired from the business world, Chuck has several passions, one of which is outreach for our programs. He continually spreads our mission, recruits Sages, and supports our work, in addition to being an active alumnus of the Harvard Business School.

Maya Klapper is our Program Manager. Having had previous experience in the non-profit sector, she knows how essential creating, nurturing, and serving the communities she inhabits is. She is instrumental in helping to bring our programs online smoothly. Maya recently graduated from Tulane University during Covid-19 with a BFA in Musical Theatre and Environmental Studies.

"Never doubt

that a small group

of thoughtful,

committed citizens

can change the world;


it's the only thing

that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

Krys Grant, our Special Projects Leader, has been working with humanity in many different capacities, to enhance and educate groups of people. In addition to Special Projects, she is "Tech Guru" for our online programs. Working from her heart, Krys shares her creativity in building new Sages & Seekers projects bringing elders and teens together. Her passion is with the non-profit sector, always striving to uplift those around her.

Susan Blumenfeld, our New England Program Manager, has managed our largest flagship school program at the Rivers School in Weston Ma since 2017. She brings us her life-long passion and experience working with Older Adults. Susan is the owner of New Roots Move Management, LLC, a Senior Move Management Company serving greater Boston. She earned a BS in Family and Community Services, from Syracuse University, 1986. Susan is an active member of NASMM- National Association of Senior Move Managers. 

Mark Robinson is our Sage Liaison, recently retired and committed to growing Sages & Seekers in the Los Angeles Area. After spending years working with youth, his experience fits right into our mission. Mark co-created and facilitated our first Exploring Racism program in July 2020 and continues to volunteer his time to share our work with others.

Paul Hirschberger is a documentary filmmaker, living in Los Angeles. He is the CEO of Good Night Naturals, selling natural fiber bedding and educating people about the health hazards of conventional mattresses and bedding. Paul has been volunteering his time, filming Sages & Seekers Programs and events since 2009. He has also facilitated programs and spent hours communicating and listening to Sages.