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is the most human activity

we do.

It is a cornerstone

for empathy.

Our 8-Week Program 

Our 8-Week Signature Program, designed for high school and college, fits perfectly into a semester. This program is utilized in schools across the country as part of the curriculum, as well as a community service opportunity.

Each week builds on the week before, engaging both generations in dialogue that leads to authentic conversation. This opportunity to communicate one-to-one with an interested partner begins to break down stereotypes and judgements, leading to the development of much needed social-emotional skills.

The impact of this exchange culminates in a Tribute written by the Seeker, then read to the Sage, offering both writing and public speaking experience.

Our Program Options

Our Pop-Up Programs

Our Pop-Up Programs are designed to shatter stereotypes, giving both generations a chance to observe the myths about each other. Stereotypes about a particular group play a powerful role in shaping how we think about and interact with individuals, as well as how the individuals within the stereotyped group see themselves. 

This is a profound program for quickly addressing beliefs that pigeon-hole students, thus creating the opportunity for diminishing bullying and other negative outcomes.

​A de-emphasis on even the slightest stereotypical thought will cultivate a classroom of students that accepts everyone as an individual, rather than part of a group.