Video of Seekers talking about program.

The Benefits

•    Build fundamental skills, such as respect and empathy,
•    Strengthen social-emotional intelligence
•    Acquire interviewing, listening, writing, public speaking skills
•    Participate in a novel experiential learning curriculum
•    Diminish marginalizing stereotypes about both young and old
•    Gain a more personal historical perspective
•    Form meaningful relationships free from invasive technologies
•    Internalize a sense of connection with the community
•    Feel encouraged to ask questions and develop interest in others
•    Receive support from a non-judgmental mentoring relationship
•    Develop an awareness of age-related discrimination


High School Program

What happened to the art of conversation? 

"Our rapturous submission to digital technology has led to an atrophying of human capacities like empathy and self­reflection..."

Sherry Turkle, Reclaiming Conversation

The Need

In many families there is little time for the needs of older relatives as well as young people, to develop meaningful connections.  As a result, young people can feel overlooked, and elders forgotten.  Both ends of the generational spectrum can feel marginalized, isolated, and disempowered. Participating in Sages & Seekers offers both generations positive interactions from which mutual respect, understanding and empathy can grow. These interactions strengthen the individual, as well as our communities.