Before participating in Sages & Seekers:

75% were uncomfortable with the idea of speaking with an older adult.
62% were interested in meeting a Senior from their community.
92% thought it would be difficult to have a long conversation with someone they didn't know.
80% believed there was a “generation gap”.
40% didn't even notice older adults in public places.
88% felt they tend to judge people before getting to know them as individuals.


After participating in Sages & Seekers:

91% have more interest in meeting older adults now.
92% felt having 4 to 5 hours of face-to-face conversation with their Sage helped to diminish initial judgments about Seniors.
97% feel more empathy for older adults and the process of aging.
97% have more respect for Seniors as an age group now.
86% would like to be able to ask their Sage questions in the future if they need a different perspective on life.
88% feel more respectful of their own grandparents now.
97% feel more empowered to try new things.
83% feel more confident about themselves.
94% learned something about themselves through their conversations.
100% feel their Sage’s life story helped them to understand more about their own life path.
94% feel they contributed to their Sage’s life.
91% felt empowered to engage in meaningful conversation with older adults.
87% felt they had the opportunity to explore and examine their own values through communicating with their Sage.
89% are interested in having more face-to-face communication with friends and family.
93% feel more understood engaging in face-to-face communication.
97% feel more willing to spend time listening to people now.
97% believe that deeper communication has the possibility of breaking down generational and other barriers.
94% believe that a sustained conversation with their own peers could help them to understand the other person's perspective.
97% believe hearing about the events and obstacles in their Sage’s life may be helpful as they face their own decisions and difficulties.
94% feel face-to-face conversation has advantages over texting and email.
100% enjoyed having an hour to speak with someone who listened to them.
66% enjoyed the absence of technology for 90 minutes every week. 

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