Sages & Seekers is a non-profit organization designed to bridge the generational gap between our two most vulnerable and neglected age groups, seniors and teens, in order to generate the exchange of valuable wisdom, strengthen community, and dissolve age-related segregation.

Today, our elderly are all but forgotten.  In tribal cultures, the elderly have a vital role in their communities: they are the keepers of the memories and the wisdom.  They are the honorable, the respected, the revered.  However, in many modern Western cultures this is no longer the case.  Today, seniors say they feel ignored, left out, and even disrespected.  What once used to be an honor, taking care of the seniors, is now considered a nuisance, a burden. This is a sad commentary on society today and where we place our values. 

In the present day we are obsessed with newness, youth and progress.  We rely on scientific studies to tell us how to raise our kids and heal our illnesses.  The people we once relied on for this information have instead been disregarded, and consequently the invaluable knowledge that was once passed down from generation to generation has been lost. 



their wisdom

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