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Our 8-Week Program, designed for high school and college, fits perfectly into a semester. The initial week, and icebreaker, begins the breakdown of stereotypes. The Seeker is asked to choose a Sage to be paired with for the remainder of the program, as they begin the process of communicating. The following weeks bring profound results, as both generations learn how to connect on a deep level. The impact of this exchange culminates in a Tribute written by the Seeker, then read to the Sage.

Week 7

The Seekers read the Tribute they have written to their Sage. This is their opportunity for public speaking, and the Sage's opportunity to be honored with the Tribute and a rose.

Week 4 

The one-to-one communication continues. Each week begins with a question to start the conversations between the pairs, with opportunity to meet others.

Week 1

Through a series of activities designed to "break the ice," the Sage and Seeker begin to see their similarities and the common thread of humanity.

The Eight-Week Program

Week 2

While "Speed Dating," each Seeker spends 3-5 minutes with each Sage, getting a sense of with whom they would like to be paired. 

Week 5

Continuing the one-to-one communication, the level of connection becomes visible as both Sage and Seeker become more comfortable.

Week 8

The final week is a "debriefing" of the experience, revealing lessons learned and incites about the human condition. It is also an opportunity for closure.

Week 6

This is the last one-to-one meeting. Students are encouraged  to finalize information needed to write their Sage Tribute.

Week 3

​The participants are paired. Sages bring in memorabilia to share with their Seeker, as they begin the next 6 weeks sharing experiences together.